The future of private wealth management does not live inside a bank or brokerage company.

We created Private Wealth Asset Management because we know it takes a team of highly specialized and experienced advisors to serve high-net-worth and institutional clients. Clients need experts not just in investment management, but also in trust/estate planning, fiduciary lending, help with managing tax liabilities, property and casualty insurance, health insurance, and access to healthcare choices like concierge medicine and private insurance groups. Institutional clients need expertise in fiduciary asset management, advice on best practices for similar organizations around the country, investment policy development, gift acceptance and spending policy review, and educational opportunities for staff and members of the Board.

The structural complexity inherent in large financial planning organizations makes it nearly impossible for them to do all those things efficiently; even more so to keep up with the changing needs of clients, how clients want to interact with their advisors and assets, and the rapid changes in technology available. We formed Private Wealth to be a local, more nimble and efficient company in order to be able to react to clients’ needs amidst the changing landscape in financial markets.

Clients want access to a stable team of advisors who can help them navigate through the minefields of banking, investments, tax strategy, cash flow, philanthropy and legacy among other areas. Similar to clients, whether they are a business, nonprofit or individual, we build our team with future succession in mind. Private Wealth Asset Management clients will know who their team is today and into future. Our services are not dependent on one person, and they are not delivered by a call center in New York, Chicago or San Francisco.

Clients appreciate the simple things like bill-paying services and monthly reports on inflows/outflows, balance sheet management and investment performance. They value our advice, recommendations and experience in helping similar clients through both routine and complex issues. Even more important, they appreciate advisors who understand them, know them and share their values.

private wealth asset management services offered

The Private Wealth Asset Management team of advisors/principals combine for 327 years of experience in financial services, and our advisors’ average historical relationship tenure is 16+ years.

The founding partners of Private Wealth Asset Management all came from the private bank industry, with careers that include many different organizations. Many were most recently with Wells Fargo. We all believe in the concept of surrounding our individual and institutional clients with a team of advisors, but found it increasingly difficult to do so as resources migrated to the large, urban centers.

We are very excited to launch Private Wealth. We will meet you right where you are with a team that is in this for the long term. We offer a wide array of services, and we will also be more nimble to be able to deploy resources quickly to meet the needs of our clients today and in the future. Our company culture is defined by integrity, team, curiosity, fun, community and a mission to always put the client first.