Family Educational and Career Planning

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

The decision of which post-high school education path a young person decides to take is the first major step toward their lifelong pursuit. We have found most parents want their child to have as many options as possible, which benefits from early college savings plans and thoughtful investment strategies. In addition to saving for higher education, proper financial planning for college includes working with your high school graduate to help them realize what they want to accomplish with their future.

At Private Wealth, we understand that your family is your top priority and that you want to do everything you can to promote the success and education of each member. In Family Education and Career Planning, we work with each family to plan for how they want to support their child when it comes to their education. In addition, and just as importantly, we can connect them to a college planning counselor who will help uncover the young person’s real career desires. It is important to get off to the right start, both in identifying the school that fits the unique educational needs and career aspirations of the student, as well with their financial resources.

Education and College Planning

At Private Wealth, we support college savings plans by doing the types of things that you can only get from a family office/private bank relationship. The partners at Private Wealth bring more than 300 years of collective experience and connections to your family’s custom college plan. We put those connections and experience to work for you in helping your family members get into the right colleges and internships and get a chance to interview for the right jobs. 

Our Circle of Services are all intertwined to make sure our client’s total financial picture is taken into consideration when looking at each individual service like college savings planning. College planning and career counseling is one way we utilize local experts to give our clients peace of mind. As one of our founders said, “We do whatever it takes to help the families we serve!” 

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