Farm and Ranch Management

Realizing the Value of Real Estate

Private Wealth’s dedicated Asset Management division is led by Rodney Kleman, a real estate industry specialist with decades of experience in both agricultural operations management and fiduciary management, as well as lending experience. Sitting on both sides of the table provides our experts with the perspective they need to identify unique solutions that maximize our client’s asset values.

Whether your real estate portfolio consists of one or multiple properties, the asset management team at Private Wealth can help. Comprehensive real estate investment management relies on effective strategies we create in conjunction with your other advisors. We can offer portfolio management solutions, no matter what part of the process you’re currently working through.

Rodney Kleman, Head of Real Estate Asset Management
Rodney Kleman, Head of Real Estate Asset Management at Private Wealth

Growing your Real Estate Portfolio

As you look to expand your real estate holdings, we can compare potential investment properties, balancing risk vs. reward while keeping your unique objectives in mind. Private Wealth will devise strategies to acquire those properties, assisting you through closing and arranging protection for the assets post-closing.

Optimizing Current Holdings

Many of our clients struggle to find the time needed to effectively manage their real estate portfolio. Our team takes care of the day-to-day investment property management, including:

  • Track asset performance to increase revenue and long-term value appreciation.
  • Explore additional revenue streams.
  • Work with our energy management experts to effectively negotiate workable surface use parameters that complement energy production.
  • Inspect assets periodically to ensure compliance by all involved parties.
  • Negotiate lease agreements, screen potential tenants, and coordinate USDA and crop insurance needs.  
  • Handle property taxes and the appeals process when necessary.
  • Identify your insurance coverage needs.

Exchanging Asset Ownership

Is it time to sell, or transition ownership to the next generation? Your Private Wealth team of specialty asset managers, advisors and financial planners will work in a holistic manner to guide you through generational planning and the transfer of assets, with an eye toward optimizing value and reducing tax implications.  

If a sale is in order, we can create effective strategies to market your assets to their full potential with property valuation, realtor selection, listing agreement negotiation and management of the entire process.

Comprehensive Service

When you meet with our team, you can sit down with all your advisors in one room. Your investment management advisors, your estate and trust advisors, your financial planning advisors, your oil and gas team and your real estate team! We’re here to make your life easier so you can spend your time the way you want to.  

We also understand the unique nature of real estate assets. While interest in some properties can be 100% financially oriented, many clients hold sentimental value for specific assets. We recognize that and will provide you with a tailored approach that compliments your vision for your real estate, while maximizing cash flow and asset protection for future generations.  

At Private Wealth, we believe in the value of specialty assets and recognize the important role they play in your legacy and investment portfolio management. While other institutions are backing away from managing these assets, we are investing in the technology and management personnel to support your real estate interests. Real life experience and financial know-how give us the insight to manage your assets today and for the long haul. And as an independent advisor, we can concentrate on you, not a large corporate bureaucracy. We are here to do what is best for you.

Types of Real Estate Managed

  • Ranch Land

  • Row Crop Agriculture

  • Energy Producing Land

  • Timber

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Aggregate

  • Single-Family Residential


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