Institutional Asset Management

The institutional clients of Private Wealth Asset Management include nonprofit entities, foundations, endowments and individual family offices. While the differences between institutional clients and individual clients are fewer today than in the past, there are still unique needs and characteristics that define our approach and services.  

The OCIO approach: The financial services industry loves acronyms, so why not start with one; Outsourced Chief Investment Officer. Our institutional clients have staff members with titles like Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Executive Director (ED), President, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), among others. We will partner with you as the OCIO; investment management is a big part of that role, but there are other roles as well.

~ Investment Policy: This is a foundational document for every client and does more than just define asset allocation. For our clients who have one, we will partner with you in the effort to keep it current and reflective of industry best practices. This is a document that should evolve over time; they look very different today than they did 10 years ago. For our clients who need one, we will work with you to develop the investment policy that addresses everything from your spending/distribution policy, your need for liquidity, the appropriate risk budget for the long investment horizon of your organization, the associated roles and responsibilities for the board/committees/staff/consultants and the current financial structure of the organization.

~ Investment Manager/Consultant Selection and Monitoring: The establishment of effective performance standards and consistent policies with regards to how managers/consultants are hired, monitored and terminated is important for institutional clients as the individuals in position to make these decisions will evolve over time.

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~ Institutional Services: Organizations have very long life spans that will extend beyond the involvement of current members of the board, staff, committees and consultants. We believe it is important to have a structure that provides consistency across that time period. Examples of services our clients appreciate:

  • Onboarding education for new members of the board or organization. Organizational history, introduction to current policies and documents (like the Investment Policy, Gift Acceptance Policy, Spending/Distribution Policy) and general education on what it means to be a fiduciary.
  • Invitations for members of your staff or board to join those involved with similar organizations and entities at regional and national conferences to learn from each other and hear from thought leaders from the financial world.
  • Providing resources to benchmark your organization against similar organizations in terms of staffing, cost structure and fundraising, to name a few areas.
  • Operational support to meet the reporting needs of your organization whether it is providing documentation requested by your auditors, preparing annual statements or certifications, accounting for all investment-related expenses or providing assistance with specific requests from your donors/beneficiaries.

The OCIO approach at Private Wealth Asset Management is more than building a great investment portfolio. But we do that as well!  

Your team will bring your investment policy to life using the same Core-Satellite philosophy used for all of our clients. The differences in implementation of our strategy are due to the different characteristics of the institutional client: typically no tax considerations, no transfer of wealth across generations and an investment horizon of more than 100 years. The similarities in implementation are building in the liquidity for periodic disbursements, generating regular income in volatile markets, controlling risk at a level consistent with the long-term objectives and monitoring the results over the business cycle. To the extent third-party managers are utilized in portfolio construction, all clients of Private Wealth benefit from our ability to negotiate lower fees with those managers.

Core: Indexed exposure across the most efficient asset classes, including both stocks and bonds, makes up the largest portion of our client portfolio management. We believe using individual stocks and bonds delivers better after-tax returns for this part of the portfolio, but we will also use a combination of ETFs and mutual funds to complete the core with low cost and tax efficiency in mind, while tracking the performance of the specific market.

Satellite: The satellites are investments in other asset classes and active managers in many asset classes. Depending on client goals and preferences, the satellite part of the portfolio may include investments in private capital (private equity, private debt, private real estate, global hedge funds), pre-IPO companies, active managers using concentrated positions, using options to hedge risk or enhance income and sector-tilting strategies designed to take advantage of short/intermediate trends to name a few.

Another similarity that is becoming more common across our client relationships is the desire to have the investment portfolio reflect the mission and values of the organization or family. Private Wealth is a firm built on shared values; the world of investing with an eye on social responsibility and impact is growing rapidly and your Private Wealth team can be a great resource as you seek to define and implement these strategies.

Private Wealth Asset Management gives your advisory team access to world-class investment management resources, including pre-IPO and angel investing, along with the technology to deliver those resources. At the same time, our structure as an independent registered investment advisor gives us the ability to find, develop and introduce our clients to many investment opportunities that are too small for the national banks and brokerage houses to use. Private Wealth is a boutique firm, with national resources.

Private Wealth uses the team approach, because it is not possible for one investment management advisor to deliver all the services required and long-term relationships are bigger than one person. Just as you prepare your organization for the future, we do the same with our organization by making sure the senior partners of tomorrow are on the team today. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your organization in the OCIO role.

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