Oil and Gas Management

“Growing up in ‘small-town’ America, as part of a family whose roots go back generations in the oil and gas business, I’ve had the privilege and joy of being around some of the finest the oil field has to offer.  From waking up early in the morning to go out and inspect sites with my friends and their dads, to doing roughneck work in high school and in my early college years, to eventually working for an operator shortly after college, my career has taken several turns. But as time has gone by, I’ve found the most joy and satisfaction in sitting on the side of the mineral owner and serving as an advocate for those who need someone with the breadth, knowledge and skill set to take this on for them.  

Bryan Frazier, Head of Energy Asset Management at Private Wealth

Early on in my career, I found myself serving as an advocate for mineral owners at a large bank, where I enjoyed the daily interaction with clients, answering questions and essentially being their ‘landman.’  As time went by, it became clear to me the large banks were performing mineral management out of necessity, rather than out of a want to service a need for their clients. Here at Private Wealth, we place our focus on our clients by investing in cutting-edge mineral management technology and having a dedicated staff that has the experience and knowledge to maximize the value of these unique assets. We recognize the importance of these assets and the legacy many wish to leave for future generations.”

- Bryan Frazier, Head of Energy Asset Management

We Specialize in Managing Your Natural Resource Assets

Across the country, the conversations surrounding portfolio management are usually centered on stocks, bonds and the like. However, those fortunate enough to have inherited and/or acquired oil, gas, or other mineral interests as a portion of their portfolio have enjoyed an incredible wealth-creating vehicle over the last several years, one that garners attention few understand how to manage in its entirety.

Natural resource assets such as oil, gas and water are often a core part of any quality asset portfolio. To effectively protect these assets for future generations, you need experienced advisors with in-depth knowledge. Your advisors should be able to handle the unique challenges associated with both the day-to-day management as well as long-term strategies for maximizing these assets’ value. Private Wealth’s Energy Asset Management team is made up of seasoned advisors with experience spanning back generations. As such, we understand how to best help these complex assets reach their full potential for future generations of your family. Our services are tailored to your entire portfolio, so you can always benefit from our protection and management of these assets:

General Asset Management

Working in conjunction with your tax and legal advisors, we ensure the importance of your natural resource assets to your overall portfolio along with long-term financial planning goals.

  • Optimizing revenue growth in utilizing your income and tax strategies
  • Reviewing environmental risks and mitigation
  • Overseeing the transition or sale of your natural resource assets

Day-to-Day Property Management

  • Our team of advisors handles the everyday logistics of your portfolio by taking on the following:
  • Processing all royalties and other income
  • Handling accounting of income and the payment of expenses associated therewith
  • Facilitating the payment of property taxes 
  • Arranging annual reports for efficient tax planning and preparation 
  • Negotiating contracts and leases
  • Completing property inspections, valuations, and reviews
  • Analyzing and advising on joint operating agreements, authority for expenditures and joint interest billings
  • Proactively seeking leasing opportunities for development of undeveloped assets


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