Oil and Gas Management

We Specialize in Managing Your Natural Resource Assets

Natural resource assets such as oil, gas, water and mineral rights are often a core part of any quality asset portfolio. This also includes wind and solar farms. Managing these unique assets comes with unique challenges. To effectively protect your natural resource assets, you need experienced advisors.

Private Wealth’s Energy Asset Management team is exactly that. We understand how to help these complex assets reach their full potential for you and any future heirs. Our custom solutions are tailored to your unique financial requirements and blend long-term asset protection and management with day-to-day operations like property and daily money management.


Managing Natural Resource Assets

In tandem with your tax and legal advisors, our strategy involves:

  • Discussing the importance of natural resource assets to your total portfolio as well as your overall financial planning goals.
  • Enhancing revenue by optimizing your income, growth and tax strategies.
  • Reviewing possible environmental risks and management options.
  • Supervising the transition or sale of your natural resource assets.


Day-to-Day Property Management

Our experts handle the everyday logistics of your portfolio, by:

  • Processing any royalties or rental income.
  • Navigating accounting requirements and settling revenue audits.
  • Facilitating the payment of property taxes.
  • Arranging annual reports for efficient tax planning and preparation.
  • Mediating contracts and leases.
  • Completing property inspections, valuations and reviews.
  • Solicit leases or development opportunities for unleased interest.

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