Tax Planning Management

Private Wealth—Managing Tax Planning with Your Tax Professionals

When speaking with our clients about what is most important to them, tax minimization is rarely the first priority. That said, most, if not all of our clients, want to understand the tax impact of their decisions and seek ways to be more tax efficient. Ensuring that you are fully informed as to the options available to you, as well as the tax impact of the decisions you make, is a priority for the team at Private Wealth.

Our relationship with you extends to engaging with your other professional advisors. We engage with tax and legal professionals to think outside the box. These dedicated tax planning sessions often trigger additional thoughts and ideas to benefit you and your situation. Over the years we have found that diligence in getting everyone together, focused on a client’s unique situation, is powerful. Through collaboration and communication, you gain the peace of mind that your advisors are on the same page and united in the approach and recommendations made to benefit you.

In addition, we prepare and provide each of our clients with a comprehensive tax preparation folio to ease the tax data collection burden. This booklet includes various tax reporting forms such as 1099s and K1s, along with all other applicable tax items such as interest paid on loans or other needed information. We send this information directly to you, as well as to your tax professionals, as part of our ongoing partnership with your advisory team and to create efficiencies in reporting and filing tax returns on your behalf.

Tax Planning

At Private Wealth, we understand that debt/liability management is as critical a component of maintaining and growing wealth as understanding your assets. As an organization, Private Wealth looks at both sides of the balance sheet to identify opportunities. Our team of investment professionals has the experience and expertise to advise you on a wide range of strategies from simple debt to more complex Qualified Opportunity Zone investments. Let us put our knowledge to work for you.

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