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We created Private Wealth Asset Management because we know it takes a team of highly specialized and experienced Advisors to serve the high net worth and institutional clients that we have been taking care of for decades in our local markets.

Clients need experts in investments, but they also need experts in trust/estate planning, fiduciary lending, help in managing tax liabilities, P&C insurance, health insurance, and creating reliable recordkeeping for all of it. More importantly, they need advisors that understand them.

At Private Wealth, we are proud of the team structure we bring to the table--it is centered around the concept that the client needs multiple financial experts around them, each with highly specialized knowledge.

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Investment ManagementAsset Protection ConsultingFarm ManagementP&C Insurance ManagementBill Pay, Monthly P&L's, Balance SheetsTax Planning ManagementMedical Health and Insurance AdvisoryBusiness Consulting and Succession PlanningOil and Gas ManagementEstate Planning and Trust ServicesFiduciary LendingFinancial PlanningFamily Educational and Career PlanningInstitutional Asset Management

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Our Team

Brett Halley

Founding Partner

Chris Casey

Founding Partner

Dave Arens

Founding Partner

David Holtorf

Founding Partner

Debra Wilkens - founding partner at Private Wealth Asset Management

Debra Wilkens

Founding Partner

Heather Fortune Vestweber

Founding Partner

Russel Samples - founding partner at Private Wealth Asset Management

Russell Samples

Founding Partner

Michelle Acton


Gayle Fincher


Bryan Jarman


Endowment Foundation Charitable Investment Specialist

Philanthropic Services Director

Investment Banking Specialist

Chief Wealth Planning Officer for Estate & Financial Planning

Business Management Consultant

Chief Legal Strategist - Trust + Contract Law

Institutional Portfolio Management Specialist

Fixed Income Specialist

Investment Monitoring and Reporting Specialist

Research Analyst

Health Care Management Specialist

P+C Management Specialist

Bill Pay, Budget Reporting, P+L Monthly Management

Alpha/Equity Specialist

David Tawil

Chairman - Investment Committee, Managing Partner

Jeff Shipley

President, Head of Corporate Development

Kim Cappellano

Chief Marketing Officer

Matthew Rothchild

Chief Compliance Officer

Maxwell Smith

Chief Operations Officer 

Rick Simonetti

Chief Strategy Officer

Tim Kneen

Chairman of the Board, Director of Practice Management

Wendy Brekken

Chief Wealth Planning Officer

Bryan Frazier

Head of Energy Asset Management

Rodney Kleman

Head of Real Estate Asset Management

Bryan Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Custodianship of Assets

At PW we can work with many different custodians to hold your assets. These custodians include trust companies, banks, and brokerage firms. As your Fiduciary it is our job to help you find the best and safest place for your assets. For most of our clients we use Fidelity Institutional as a custodian.  We combine your custodian with a tech stack of state of the art technology providers to keep client information as safe as your assets, report to you on the performance of your assets in real time 24/7, and provide the risk measurement and planning tools that allow your team of advisors to make the best decisions/recommendations for you.


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