Institutional Asset Management

Private Wealth’s Advisory teams have access to world class investment management resources, including Pre-IPO and angel investing, and the technology to deliver those resources.


Generational Planning and Trust Services

Private Wealth helps you understand the financial, legal, tax, and personal aspects of constructing a multigenerational wealth plan, and partners with your legal and tax advisors to ensure your plan meets your needs and expectations.


Farm and Ranch Management

Whether you own a single property or are managing a large real estate portfolio, the Private Wealth Farm and Ranch Asset Management team is here to provide comprehensive investment management.


Financial Planning

At Private Wealth, we are committed to working with you to build a customized path to make progress between where you are today and your dreams for the future.


Bill Pay, Monthly P&L’s, Balance Sheets

Our client service team will help you identify bill pay vendors to fit your situation, as well manage the inflow of financial data, to ensure you have timely and accurate balance sheet information at your fingertips.


Oil and Gas Management

Private Wealth helps navigate the unique opportunities and challenges that come with natural resource ownership and the accompanying asset protection.


Investment Management

Private Wealth manages your investments through an effective core-satellite philosophy which is led by an investment management committee comprised of investors and financial consultants, Chartered Financial Analysts and Certified Investment Management Analysts.


Property and Casualty Insurance

We negotiate, evaluate, and help you select Property and Casualty insurance that suit your specific needs.


Family Educational and Career Planning

At Private Wealth, we work with each family to plan for how they want to support their children (or grandchildren) when it comes to their education funding and career path decisions.


Asset Protection Consulting

Our specialists will assess your existing insurance policies to help you assess whether you have the appropriate coverage for your situation, and review legal structures and strategies, as well as anything relevant to local cybersecurity law.


Business Consulting and Succession Planning

Our team of financial professionals will work with you to evaluate your options, and the potential implications and consequences associated with pursuing a particular path, to help you identify the best path forward.


Fiduciary Lending

We help our clients understand the implications associated with deciding between keeping their money in their business, investing in the markets, and when using leverage might serve their interests.


Management of Health Insurance

Private Wealth will either find or help you manage your existing health insurance professionals including concierge medicine options, what insurance you should choose, what deductibles makes sense in your situation, and make sure that your health insurance professionals are considering all options.


Managing Tax Planning

We prepare and provide each of our clients with a comprehensive tax preparation folio to ease the tax data collection burden.


Philanthropic Services

Philanthropy is a fulfilling and impactful way to create and define your legacy. We will walk alongside you as you begin your philanthropic journey.