Fiduciary Lending

As former wealth advisors, we have spent our entire careers helping clients with their lending needs. However, it was not until we started Private Wealth Asset Management that we had the opportunity to become a fiduciary for you in lending. In the past we were limited to what the bank we were employed by offered to its clients. We and our clients were often frustrated by this. Now we have a new solution!

Fiduciary lending is about Private Wealth representing the client to find the best lending solution available regardless of what bank or institution it comes from. It's about finding the best rates, terms and structures for our clients, but also knowing when to use debt and when to pay it off!

One of the most important pieces to our Circle of Services is our fiduciary lending service.  Too many times people look at lending as a necessity—they need a new car, a house or resources to start a business. These are all excellent reasons to borrow, and we help our clients select the right bank and loan structure by shopping the various banks and lending institutions. But borrowing money can also be a great way to leverage one’s balance sheet, especially given today’s current interest rate environment.  We help our clients understand when it may be appropriate to keep their money working for them in their business or the markets and use leverage to pay for the items they need by borrowing against their assets. We start by building a customized lending package for each client. We constantly update that package for each change in your financial planning process. If clients do not already have an accounting and bill pay service, we step in and manage those services to be able to keep this package up to date for the client. This service supplies P&L management, monthly balance sheets, and shows updated income and expenses as compared to your budget that we help create. The package includes three years of profit and loss statements, balance sheets, tax returns and an in-depth analysis of the client’s current income versus expenses, as well as assets versus liabilities. In short, we build a value statement for a bank as to why our client is a good lending risk and, therefore, why the bank should offer us the terms that we are seeking.

bank for fiduciary lending

This service works in concert with our director of planning and your lead partner at Private Wealth. Through this planning effort we look forward into your financial life trying to understand when more liquidity will be needed and when debt should be paid down. We help our clients model out the effect of leverage on required rates of return and stress test the entity’s financials for its ability to support any proposed debt. Finally, we work with and manage your other professionals in tax planning services and insurance to make sure we're truly optimizing all your financial planning. It all starts with a conversation, an ever-evolving plan and a highly dedicated team of experts who understands your needs. Welcome to Private Wealth Asset Management! 

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